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A guide to short term insurance
in South Africa

Short term insurance is a nerdy term for all types of insurance policies other than life insurance. It’s called ‘short term’ because your insurance needs for your possessions tends to change and you only take it for a set period of time, whereas life insurance is generally for the duration of your life.

The world of short term insurance involves quite a few products and it can be quite complicated to understand what’s on offer and what’s covered.
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What is short term insurance?

SHORT term insurance encompasses all types of insurance policies other than life insurance.

Amongst others this includes vehicle, property, household, medical, personal liability, travel and business insurance. The reason why these policies are classified as short term insurance is because your insurance needs in this regard will change over time.

Short term insurance is taken out only for the period that you have need of it. This insurance option has provided many South Africans with the opportunity to cover the financial risks to their material possessions and those of their loved ones without paying hefty premiums.
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